And the winners are


And the winners are…Tony and Gipper.

Tune in Thursday, November 12 (the week of the Children’s Miracle Network) to watch a live match between the Finau brothers. The winner will receive a VIP Children’s Miracle Network Prize Package featuring everything from Disney park tickets to VIP tournament tickets. It has everything a quality Disney Golf trip should have.

What will be interesting is who the winner will bring back to the 2010 tournament. Both these guys want to be playing in the 2010 event and not visiting it, but I know the brothers are excited to compete live. Golf Channel will be featuring Tony and Gipper’s 1-hole match on Golf Central on Thursday, November 12.

Anytime Big Breakers team up, it can be a recipe for disaster, drama and excitement. The emotions abound when these guys are paired up. In previous series, we’ve allowed captains to choose teams, but mostly we’ve had a random draw. That said, for Big Break Disney Golf, we really wanted to switch it up. That’s why we wanted these guys to go back to their roots, back to when they were kids, and so we told them, “you choose.”

What we, the producers, didn’t expect was for the pairing to finish so quickly. It happened in 23 seconds. We thought maybe a minute or two, perhaps a little longer. But these guys knew exactly who they wanted on their side when it came down to hitting shots under pressure. (As a side note, I was not surprised to see Kevin and Andrew last to be picked.)

Insight from the Interviews: Facts all contestants had in common

1. Everyone knew Tony and Gipper were going to team up together. (Damn, I was hoping to see them go head to head.)

2. No one wanted to have Kevin on his team.

3. Everyone mentioned at least once that they wouldn’t mind having Tony on his team.

4. Andrew Giuliani was not going to be paired with Blake.

5. Andrew Giuliani was not going to be paired with Mike.

Every Big Break series provides amazing shots that are so good that they seem to define a player later on in the series. Kim (Ka’anapali) could not miss-hit her driver throughout the challenges and in one challenge she blasted one that went 333 yards. Haymes and Bernie (Michigan) dominated in the same alternate shot challenge we had in this show. Derek (Prince Edward Island) hit two wedge shots that ended up touching each other!

Now, this Big Break certainly has many fantastic shots, however Andrew’s fairway bunker shot that lead to his team’s immunity is (so far) his defining shot. Now, I’m not saying this could lead to his dominance in the series or that this could lead him to victory, but when he hit that shot, I jotted down the phrase “Defining Shot” in the margin of my notes that day. Those palm trees are 25-30 feet high, and Andrew was only 30 yards behind them. He had to hit that ball straight up with a little cut to get around a looming palm tree directly in his line of flight. He picked it cleanly, and I’ll tell you something, he silenced all his critics on the cast.

So, I think it’s official: Giuliani is now a favorite and a contender in Big Break Disney Golf.

Elimination Notes:

Note: How come Mike Perez can hit his 3 wood more accurately than his 9 iron? 

Fact: Mike hit his 3 wood on the 14th hole of Disney’s Palm Course to a distance of 28 feet. His 9-iron distance he miss-hit in his match against Blake for 25 yards.

Note: Vince Johnson likes his 9 iron. 

Fact: The footage was edited to ensure we could accommodate everything in the show. Vince and J.R. actually played the 16th hole three times but only two were seen in the show. Vince’s three distances (I walked them off myself) on his three approach shots from 155 yards are as follows:

1st shot: 5’6”
2nd shot: 8’11” (viewers didn’t see this hole –J.R. and Vince tied with par)
3rd shot: 11’

Note: Mike pulls his 3 wood before J.R. gets to his ball. 

Fact: Because Mike teed off first, he was first to reach his ball in the left rough. As Mike wheeled up to his ball, he looked back at J.R. and pulled his 3 wood to signify he’s going for the green in two. Seconds later, J.R. finally wheels his pull cart to his ball. Mike knew he was going for it and showed just how aggressive the Perez’s are on the golf course. Mike Perez may be the most aggressive player on the cast. But how about when he is compared next to Gipper?

Note: One of the sexiest 3-woods I’ve ever seen. 

Fact:  The 3-wood Mike hit to seal J.R.’s fate took off on a perfect line with a 10-yard draw and never left the flagstick. This shot displayed to the other contestants why he played on the Nationwide Tour for four years. Earlier, I talked about defining shots so far through this series; I’d have to say that this could be Mike’s defining shot.