Chaos Theory


Many of you don't know who Edward Lorenz is (I know I didn't as of a few hours ago), and based on his life and his impact on yours and mine, it's sad that Professor Lorenz (as he was commonly referred to at MIT) isn't more famous. Lorenz is the 'father of chaos theory' and taught meteorology for many decades at MIT. In 1972 he wrote a paper that will have many of you slapping your heads collectively saying, “I've heard of that.” The title of that paper: 'Predictability: Does the Flap of a Butterfly's Wings in Brazil Set Off a Tornado in Texas?.'  Light bulb go off yet? Edward Lorenz is the 'father' of Chaos Theory and the 'Butterfly Effect.' What does this mean to you? For one, it's a cocktail hour piece of trivia, and two, it's my interpretation for why the women have been kicking butt for the last few episodes.

The thesis for this blog is that Sara's illness (that began during the Benching Challenge between Lori and David in show two) is my butterfly flapping its wings, setting off a tornado of great golf by the women's team. It explains why the women have been beating up the men lately. That Butterfly Effect is Team Unity, something of which the women have a strong dose.

During the challenge, Lori kept checking in on Sara, concerned for her fallen teammate. Inspired by her illness and complete dislike for David, Lori helped continue the Butterfly Effect of good golf for the women by inevitably benching David. Lori said right after the challenge that she was doing it for Sara. Onto the next show. The ladies do not perform so well in the Team Challenge; however the mistake to call out Lori and Blair by Blake and Andrew led to an 'upset' victory and helped strengthen an already strong tornado (think Wizard of Oz type tornado). Added to the storm was the fact that the advantage was finally overcome and proved to us (and hopefully to you fans) that there are no sure or safe bets in golf and especially in Big Break. Thus, the Butterfly Effect continued onto the next show.

With Sara back, the women continued their dominance! And while we were surprised (the producers) that the women's death-grip on the men was tightening, the Benching Challenge clearly made us think that if these guys don't get their heads out of their @$$*$ then we could very well see this season come to a quick and abrupt end. It was very cool to see someone win and not have someone lose. The last two Benching Challenges have now been won with birdie(s), meaning good golf. That's what we hope for. That's what we aspire this show to be. As Brian says all the time, “may the best golf (or golf shots) win.”

David Mobley is now permanently benched with 2 strikes. Blake and Andrew also have a strike each. David has said that he feels both are better players than he, but his near chip-in in the second challenge would have made things interesting in the men's camp. They elected him captain, the guy who would make the final decision in the end. Had he chipped in, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in that team conversation.

Inside scoop on the Elena, A-Rod and Andrew drama:

If you'll notice, no one was saying anything during their quick exchange. That’s because no one wanted to be involved, especially the ladies. Also, sorry about the poor camera coverage! Our one camera ran out of tape during the start of their back & forth, and when the camera was back up, David and Christina were standing in the way. We could have moved them, but then you ruin the moment. I interviewed all three, A-Rod after the challenge and Elena and Andrew that night.  Let's say there is no love flowing in either direction. Plus, you won't have to wait long to see one call out the other. Oh, I'm so excited! Seriously, Elena and one of those guys will match up, and it's not pretty! For whom? You'll have to see!

To close out, the Butterfly Effect is continuing four shows in. But will the storm stay strong or dissipate with quality golf by the men? The answer is yes.


Fun Facts: Our Shoot Date (06/20/2010) and Conditions:

-It rained every afternoon during filming after the Benching Challenge, but the morning/afternoons continued to bring great weather (85 degrees, 50-60% humidity).

-Same temperature in the states by city (same day, all degrees in Fahrenheit):

     --Washington D.C. 101

     --Los Angeles 95

     --Phoenix 111

     --NYC 99

     --Fairfield, CT (my hometown) 98

     --Chicago 93

     --Orlando (Golf Channel home) 94, 98% humidity

(How good is our life?)

-Ocean Temperature off 6th Hole on Teeth of the Dog: 84 degrees

-Number of golf balls in the water? Over 500! No joke, I went snorkeling after production wrapped! There were hundreds everywhere!


Fun Facts: Take A Chance Challenge:

-Football’s ball mark was 6 feet away from the hole in Take a Chance. That means he spun the ball 22.5 feet backwards!

-Lori's distance: 4'11' + A-Rod's distance: 6'1' = 11 feet. Together they could have taken the 12 feet and beaten it! They were great shots by the two best ball strikers on each team!


Fun Facts: Benching Challenge:

-Sara's combined distance for her two approach shots that led to her two birdies was 12'4'

-One of out four people have overcome the advantage in the Benching Challenge.

-The Team Challenge has to mean everything. This is a team competition!

-David Mobley hit his 3-wood 277 yards into the wind and uphill on the second Benching Challenge hole.


Strike Eraser Clarification:

-Question: Some of you may be asking about Strike Eraser strategy. We’ve received some questions like, 'Why didn't David putt it off the green to give himself another chance?' And, 'Why not chip closer to the hole to have a legitimate chance for a strike eraser?'

-Answer: All players had to sign a legal document mandating that any attempt for a Strike Eraser must be a 'legitimate attempt' toward the hole. David chipping out of the long grass to the tee box was allowed, because he had to circumvent our camera tower and a 15-foot high bush in front of him.


That's it for now!  All the best, TJ