No I In Team


Word of the day for previous show (6):  EXHAUSTED!


-1st player benched from Ladies Team: BRENDA


Exhausted, Exhaustion--Whether you use the adjective or noun, both words aptly describe The Big Break experience. The last few episodes have been a grind for the players and the team dynamics, as you can see; the teams have a few kinks to work through. Whether the teams are able to do that, we’ll see. 

Producer’s Perspective on – M.V.P. POINTS:

From the beginning stages of development, Big Break Dominican Republic was to be centered entirely on the teams. When the players arrived and the team aspect was revealed and after just one Challenge (Glass Break), we realized the team aspect was adopted, and we couldn’t have been more pleased.

Golfers are inherently selfish athletes. They are individuals. They aren’t “team people.” Mini-tour life isn’t pretty, and these golfers don’t have cheerleaders every step of the way. Their spouses and their teachers are not at every event. A round of golf is a four-hour mind game. A career in golf is a life-long mind-game.

That said, we are starting to see the M.V.P. points bringing out that individualistic nature of these players. While they weren’t a big storyline in this show, look for a more selfish cast in the coming weeks. After all, they’re playing for $100,000 and an exemption into the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital for Children Open event (PGA) or the Kia Classic (LPGA).

Producer’s Perspective on – Successes / Failures for the Day:

Success: Brian! Brian finally strapped his team to his back and carried them to victory. While other players have stepped up throughout this series, this show was Brian’s turn!! What a strong showing!

Success: Brian had another success on the day: His budding relationship with Elena. What seemed like an innocuous note turns out to be something of extreme importance. You won’t have to wait long to see what I’m talking about.

Failure: I’m actually going to double cross out FAILURE. Elena didn’t fail, she just didn’t succeed. Elena’s putter tormented her on the green in both of her Big Break appearances; however she walked away that afternoon with her head held high. And I have to say, her professionalism was quite impressive.

What if? Fun Fact

If Elena had played Football straight-up, her two-putt par on the final hole would have pushed the Benching Challenge into a playoff instead of benching her for good.

Show Fun Facts:

-In the interviews during this show (specifically Sara), look over her left shoulder for an “end of the world” type storm. We wrapped production on the course minutes before a three-hour storm hit the southern side of the D.R.

-Several times during our nightly interviews, we needed to stop recording because of audio issues.

-A-Rod’s clinching putt distance was 52 feet (yes, we broke out the tape measure).

-Brian Skatell’s Big Break putting challenge resume:

-Total putts made: 7 of 9

-Total distance of made putts: 37 feet