TJs Episode 8 Blog


Instead of doing a traditional blog, I’m going to give you some inside information on the final five.


Fun facts about our final contestants and a little insight into their lives:


Kevin Erdman

  • • He is the husband of former Big Breaker Courtney Erdman
  • • Kevin and Courtney don’t play for money, rather the play for who will fold socks that night (they each have folded their share of socks).
  • • He has been known to work over 70 hours each week teaching golf outside L.A.
  • • He has only played five professional events in the last four years
  • • He caddies for his wife on the Futures and Cactus Tours; however money is the main issue as they try to make a career out of playing professional golf.
  • • Both Courtney and Kevin have considered retirement, but refuse to quit, because they feel like they’re not finished.
  • • Both Courtney and Kevin teach at the Altadena Golf Course to help supplement their golf careers.


Tony Finau

  • • He is one of 11 children in the Finau family (born 11 months before Gipper).
  • • He began to play golf only to beat his brother, and it took him four years to do so.
  • • He holds the Eli Callaway Performance Center record on CPAS* for ball speed (202 mph). On normal swings, Tony averages 187-194 mph for ball speed, but he swung hard for this record.
    •      • What does this mean? Let me put this into perspective.
      •           • Tiger Woods: 170-180 mph average ball speed
        •                • 2009 PGA TOUR average driving distance: 298.4 (21st)
      •           • Phil Mickelson: 170-180 mph average ball speed
        •                • 2009 PGA TOUR average driving distance: 300.1 (13th)
      •           • Tony Finau: 185-193 mph average ball speed
      •           • Gipper Finau: 187-194 mph average ball speed

*Callaway’s high-tech swing analysis technology



Gipper Finau

  • • He owns the 2nd highest Eli Callaway Performance Center record for ball speed (201 mph).
  • • He began playing golf at the age of five. He used to skip out of school in Kindergarten to play at a par-3 course that bordered the school grounds.
  • • He is the youngest golfer to ever make a cut in Nationwide Tour history (16 years, 20 days) at the 2006 Utah Energy Solutions Championship.
  • • To get into that event, Gipper shot a 63 in a qualifier at his home course, Wingpointe Golf Course in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • • He once drove the green of a 563-yard, par-5 at Wingpointe Golf Course in Salt Lake City, Utah (his shot flew to the front edge of the green). Although there was a down wind that day and slightly downhill, a 500+ yard drive is amazing!
  • • Both brothers play golf regularly with Deron Williams of the Utah Jazz, and they have never lost to him.
  • • When the brothers beat him in golf, Deron usually challenges the Finaus to play 2-on-1 in basketball, and Deron has never lost to the brothers.


Andrew Giuliani

  • • He won the 2009 Met Open one month after production of Big Break finished.
  • • He is a huge fan of the 27-time, World Champion New York Yankees, Giants and Knicks.
  • • Andrew plays out of a municipal golf course in the Bronx, Van Cordtland Golf Course—or Vannie as the locals call it, the oldest public course in America (est. 1895).
  • • He travels and plays the mini-tours with Andreas Huber, son of actress Susan Lucci and cast member on Big Break Disney Golf.
  • • He was the field goal kicker on his high school football team (2002-2004).
  • • He won three consecutive N.J. high school football championships in 2002-2004 (St. Joseph Regional won seven consecutive championships from 1999-2005)
  • • He won the 2004 New Jersey High School Golf Championship (St. Joseph Regional).


Mike Perez

  • • He worked for Toyota selling cars when he gave up golf in 2007.
  • • He got back into golf because he knew he could make it and was tired of having people ask: “Why aren’t you playing anymore?”
  • • He is a huge heavy metal fan.
  • • He has a Latin phrase tattooed on his right arm: Gavis Ferrum meaning “heavy metal.”
  • • He also has an “Eddie” tattooed on his arm. The character is the mascot of Iron Maiden.
  • • Throughout the series, you’ll see Mike warming up on the range with headphones on, where undoubtedly, he was listening to some metal.
  • • He caddied for his brother Pat at the 2009 Par-3 Tournament at The Masters.
  • • He hit the final approach shot into the 18th green to about 6 feet.