The Great Golf Ball Run


Ever driven from tee to green in a golf cart and had that wave of youthful excitement which leads you to thinking, what if I just drove home in this, better still what if I drove to work, school, the shops what a laugh? Well, a couple of chaps in England have taken this one step further and are attempting to drive across Europe. Yes, thats right, a whole continent.
Dan Jackson and Steve Penlington are taking on what theyre calling The Golf Ball Run. Dan is the Assistant Golf Professional and Steve the Head Chef at Stanton on the Wolds Golf Club in Nottinghamshire, England. The pair dreamed-up the idea a few months ago. At first it seemed like a bit of a laugh, but as The Golf Ball Run got rolling, its turning into a serious charitable venture.
Golf cart manufacture Club Car jumped on board. With the help of their UK distributor Bradshaw Electric Vehicles, theyll provide the wheels. Itll be a little different than the carts you find at the local club; theyll use Club Cars XRT 1550, which Dan tells me is road legal, something which will come in handy. The pair will depart from Nottingham (middle England) in late May and drive to Folkstone (south coast), take the ferry to Calais (northern France), possibly make a stop in Paris before driving through Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, take the ferry back to Newcastle (north east England), and end up finishing back where they started.
How long will this take? About 10 days we think, says Dan, add a couple more if we land in jail. The pair expect to be pulled over by the cops a couple of times, but shouldnt have any problems as the cart will be legal. Personally, I think itll be a bit more; local police will probably issue orders for a photograph souvenir to say they actually saw this circus rather than handing out tickets.
Dan and Steve are attempting to raise 100,000 (roughly $200,000) from the adventure, a feat theyll try to accomplish through sponsorships. The cart will probably resemble a John Daly golf shirt by the time they get started, plus theyll have an RV behind them to offer support and protect them from other motorists ' dont forget, no speed-limits in Germany. The boys wont have to worry, the XRT only does 22 mph max. They are also organizing a raffle and auction at Stanton on the Wolds, and currently taking prize donations.
The pair say their reasons for this mad adventure, stem from their nature to give back and the fact they think itll be a good laugh. The charities Childline and the Golf Foundation will be the main beneficiaries, the former being a free helpline offering counseling and support for young people. The Golf Foundation is similar to the Americans First Tee program.
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