Dunaverty turns a good trip great


SOUTHEND, Scotland – Following a windblown 18 at Machrihanish Dunes – which, by the by, is every bit as interesting as its much-elder sister Machrihanish, lacking only time to mature – we inhale a quick lunch and head down the road to Dunaverty Golf Club.

Dunaverty is one of those out-of-way finds that makes good trips great, as evidenced by a hearty greeting on the first tee by two club members finishing their rounds. The locals offered advice, encouragement and some good-natured ribbing.

'You waited and that's what you hit?' one man laughed following my opening drive as it found the right rough.

As for the golf, there cannot be a more enjoyable or scenic 4,799 yards (par 66) in the game. Things really get interesting at the third, which backs up to a trailer park (all the great courses in the United Kingdom back up to trailer parks).

With the sea to your right and a towing peak to guide the way, the blind tee shot funnels to a hidden green.

We finish in a gale and by the time we reach the car the rain begins to fall; we’re taken by how natural Dunaverty fits into the landscape. As hard as modern architects try, you can't manufacture character.