The globetrotting golf job interview


Chris Dukeminier, Portland, Ore., and Steven Olsen, Green Bay, Wis., are wrapping up the most exhausting – and enviable – job interview the golf biz has ever seen.

In June TaylorMade-Adidas Golf selected the two as finalists to compete for one position as the company’s new social media catalyst. The contest, a 50-day globetrotting golf adventure, is dubbed Wear in the World 2.

The competition began two months ago at the company’s world headquarters in Germany. From there the duo has traveled to Norway, Scotland, Dubai, Thailand, South Korea, Japan and Canada. The tour wraps up next week at Bandon Dunes in Oregon, where the winner will be announced on Aug. 12.

Challenges along the way have ranged from the ridiculous – a haggis eating contest in Scotland – to the traditional – a putting contest in Thailand. Some of the challenges, including who could sell the most Adidas gear at the British Open merchandise tent at St. Andrews, test the competitors’ sales and marketing skills. Fittingly, each competitor’s proficiency at broadcasting the adventure via social media is also taken into account.

A points system has Dukeminier, a 1-handicap, in the lead with 489 points, with Olsen, a 6-handicap, 66 points behind. TaylorMade-Adidas Golf confirmed that the final test, however, is a sit-down interview with company execs in Bandon, which they say will be most important element of this worldwide job interview.

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