Highs and lows from Day 1


MACHRIHANISH, Scotland - Round 1 at Machrihanish Golf Club is in the books.

High points:
- Perfect weather
- Measurements in yards
- Tennet's, our Scottish ale of choice, on tap
- A downwind outward loop
- Four of the most interesting and challenging greens in the game to start your round
- Multiple blind tee shots
- Final-hole press. Doesn’t matter how poorly you play, you've always got a chance
- Accommodations at Machrihanish Dunes cottages. With all due respect, they are as American as one will find this side of Newark, N.J., including hot showers, wireless internet connections and flat-screen TVs
- A ladies clubhouse next to the clubhouse proper for the day's vanquished. Right, Jay?
- Suspect cell phone service
Low points:
- An into-the-wind inward nine
- Jet lag
- Three three-putts
- New pair of golf shoes right out of the box. Rookie move
- Multiple blind tee shots. One half-expected yardage books in Braille