Navigating the 22 miles of Bermuda


HAMILTON, Bermuda – For an island that’s a mere 22 miles from tip to tip getting around Bermuda is something of a challenge. Cab rides are expensive and although the bus system is extensive it is also time-consuming – from the airport in the extreme east to the Royal Navy Dockyard in the west is nearly two hours of winding adventure.

Your correspondent, however, discovered the travel tonic on Friday. High-speed ferries run on the hour from St. George in the east to the Dockyard and Hamilton, the cultural center of the nation referred to as “the city” by locals.

For a fraction of the cost ($4) and half the time the government-run system moves people about efficiently, if not a tad haphazardly. The attendant at the Dockyard on Friday said we could pay our fare when we arrived in Hamilton if we didn’t have exact change.

Problem was there was no one in the Hamilton terminal to pay – great for tourists but probably not the best business model.