Observations from Grand Slam in Bermuda


HAMILTON, Bermuda – While making the rounds on this sliver of sub-tropical rock to fill the notebook for a future story your correspondent noted some intriguing early observations:

  • Non-residents are not allowed to rent a car in Bermuda and after two minutes on the island’s narrow byways we see why. If only Scotland had the same rule.
  • In related items, families are limited to one vehicle per household, not a bad idea for some stateside households, and the use of the ubiquitous moped is highly encouraged, although not for non-residents. As one official sighed last night at dinner, “We’ve lost a lot that way.” Not sure if she meant tourist or mopeds, and we didn’t want to ask.
  • The high this week is 78. The low 70. That’s not a forecast, it’s an hour in Florida.
  • Never understood the combination of Bermuda shorts and black socks until we stepped off the plane. If one must wear a suit and a tie in an oven, the shorts make it bearable and the knee-high socks are just funny.
  • The national speed limit is 20 mph but we are not sure if it is for safety reasons or a move to beat cabin fever. From tip to tip Bermuda is 22 miles long, or nearly two hours of winding road. Think about it.