Shiskine and its pro are quirky cool


Clubhouse at Shiskine Golf & Tennis Club

BLACKWATERFOOT, Scotland - Dougie (prounced DO-GEE) Bell is a youngish 30 something with an office with perhaps the best view this side of St. Andrews. As the professional at quirky cool Shiskine Golf and Tennis Club, he's also an historical first. Bell is the first pro at a club that opened for business in 1896.

'They always used the honor box (to pay green fees),' Bell smiled.

The honor box remains, but luckily the club still has Bell, the picture of Scottish hospitality and cheer.

As for the course, it is probably the best 12-holer in the world and always will be. Architects don't shine to 12-hole layouts and they don't make links land like this anywhere else.