The Principals Office


MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. – With more than 100 golf courses, numerous restaurants and bars – not to mention the world’s largest 19th hole – there is certainly no shortage of places where golfers can have a good time. There is one place, however, where no golfer ever wants to go: The Principal’s Office.

While the name is just slang, your reason for being summoned to the rules and handicap office is about the same – your scores are a little too good. 

“The main reason we ever call anyone up here is because their score from one or more rounds has raised a red flag,” said Tyler Hahn, World Am handicap chairman. “The USGA has a probability table that gives us the likelihood of a golfer shooting well below their handicap. When someone shoots two consecutive rounds that the USGA says are 1-in-37,000, it’s reason for suspicion.'

Several people each year are disqualified from the World Am because of “sand-bagging” but it’s not without thorough research by the handicap committee and a lengthy interview with the competitor in question.

It's the tough thing about a net tournament, but it's a necessary evil. Play well, my friends. But if you play a little too well, you'll have to explain it to the principal.