Video: Get a Hawaii history lesson with Mark Rolfing


Few golf personalities know Hawaii in-and-out quite like resident Mark Rolfing. While he's spending most of January covering tournament action, he took time out to offer up a crash course in some of the islands' unique ins and outs. 

So go to school, Hawaii style, with Mark: 

Honolua Bay: When the waves are high, Honolua Bay is packed with surfers. But when it's calm, it makes for great snorkeling. Both ways, Rolfing calls it one of his favorite spots in the world: 

Honolua Store: A round on the Bay Course at Kapalua isn't complete without a stop at the Honoloa Store, perhaps it's golf's "earliest" halfway house.

Hawaii: The Best Weather on Earth: Does Hawaii have the world's greatest climate? Rolfing states his case.  

Ahupua’a Hawaii: Real estate is a big deal in Hawaii. But there is a centuries old way of dividing up the island fairly to families. 

Hawaii: The Most Remote Place on Earth: Rolfing offers some unique geography of Hawaii. 

Lahaina Luna High School: Few high schools in America have a view comparable to Maui's historic Lahaina Luna High School. 

Maui's Kapalua Bay: Rolfing shows off Kapalua Bay, considered to be arguably America's finest beach.  

West Maui Golf Course: While Kapalua's Plantation Course is Maui's most well-known, it's not the original "plantation" course. That honor goes to now-defunct West Maui Golf Course, which dates back to the 1920s. Rolfing offers a little history lesson -- and it's future.  

History of the surfboard: Rolfing knows more than just golf course history. Here he shows the origins of the surfboard on Hawaii. Also, just where did those Aloha shirts come from? 

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