Trent Wearner - The tee-ball game


Trent Wearner, a PGA teaching professional from Colorado, believes the ability to transfer the game you practice to the golf course must be done through competitive practice games that create pressure through the use of a scoring system, or competition. In this series, Wearner explains how a simple putting game that focuses purely on distance control can increase your feel on the putting green, and ultimately make you a better putter.



The more precise your touch and feel for the speed of the putting green, the better. This challenging game will hone your feel and test your ability to focus.

Your intent is to roll each putt to the chosen tee without hitting it too far or too short – to see how far away your target is and stick with your intention by learning how to feel the distance. For those in cold climates, this is a great game to play inside this winter if you have some floor surface that resembles the speed of a green.

Trent Wearner - Tee-ball putting gameGame:

• Place seven tees in the green in a straight line, 2 feet apart.

• Putt from a distance of around 20 feet and begin by aiming for the second tee. Your putt should hit the tee or come to rest, distance-wise, between the first and third tees.

• After succeeding proceed to aim at the third tee. As you intend to roll the ball to that tee (assuming it doesn’t hit the tee), it should stop between the second and fourth tees.

• Continue until you’ve successfully completed the same process with the fourth, fifth and sixth tees in the group. You can always move closer if you’re struggling, and further away as you see consistent success.

The lesson:

Play the game with just one golf ball. Using one ball will make you go through your routine, focus more effectively and consequently become a more disciplined putter. Having to retrieve it yourself just makes for more motivation to do it right the first time.

This is often true on the golf course as well. People hurry through their routines and, in doing so, miss more putts. If you feel a need to hurry, hurry between shots and always be prepared to be ready when it’s your turn. But when you are finally preparing to hit your putt, take the time to go through your routine the same way every time. You’ll be glad you did.