Round 1 play underway at Criquet Cup


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The June stop on the WGT Virtual Tour is the Criquet Cup is shaking up the leaderboards with a challenging "Best of Par 3" composite course. It features all par-3 holes from championship courses and creates a layout that favors players with accurate irons and putters.

Over 50,000 WGT players have already posted a Round 1 score which ends on June 25th. The top 70 combined scores from each tier (Pro and higher) will split a 200,000 WGT credit purse, with the points also counting toward the season-long standings to determine which players qualify for the Virtual Tour Championship in December with over 1 million WGT Credit purse.

There are new names on the leaderboard at the Criquet Cup. Currently leading the Tour Legend tier is Argentina's Tordodam with a 37 on the par 54 course, and following close behind are poldimaier, cadaviar, xXxxMARCxxXx and Wontonamo, all with 38 in Round 1.

The top season leaders in the Tour Legend are still in the hunt: dansamcam with 38, CptWomp with 39 and FrenchConnect with 41.

The Criquet Cup is shaking up the other tiers as well, with many new leaders who are not currently at the top of the season-long standings, including:

  • Tour Legend - Tordodam 37
  • Legend - donsprintr 37
  • Tour Master - briantesta 42
  • Master - sgarbiv 37
  • Tour Pro - CusePearl 43
  • Pro - foreyourway 45

Round 1 of the Criquet Cup ends June 25, and Round 2 is June 26-30.

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