He Said


Heading into this week's show, I was sitting in primetime position. I was the only guy without a strike, and I put some cash in my pocket. So, now it was time to put some more girls on the bench. Going in to the team challenge, we felt good, but we know these girls can play, and we couldn’t let up on them. We needed to jump out ahead early and stay ahead. The driving challenge should have played to our advantage, but as you saw, it didn't. These girls can hit the ball a long way. So we lucked out and only were behind one point for the next part of the challenge, when we stepped up and tied this game back up at one point apiece. Thanks A-Rod. In the third part of the challenge, we delivered the blow that set us ahead of the girls, right where we needed to be. Three more points and we were leading 4 to 1. Brian won the third part for us, and trust me, he stepped up and had a good show.

In the Benching Challenge, neither Lori or myself had a good run, but in the end, she didn't beat me. I beat myself. I had a good run, but it's not over yet. I am guaranteed to be in the finale, which is a big turnaround from my first Big Break. I will be rooting hard for my boys next week, and I have a feeling we will be alright. “You my boys, BLUE TEAM!”

Thanks for the support, and stay tuned. I feel like there is some magic coming to the Big Break stage.