Winsday Hot List: U.S. Open didn't disappoint


Sexy storylines surrounded the U.S. Open last week deep into Sunday. First Tiger, then Westwood, and down on to Els, Furyk and Gmac, with each sure to produce major fireworks in the crowning of the national champion. As it turned out, all that hype never quite climaxed, except for well, the Simpson family. The debonair champion remained well under the radar, not given much of a nod or practically any of the Sunday spotlight until his clutch up-and-down on his 72nd hole in front of the massive crowd that coated the hillside.

Now that took real nerve. And despite the Tebow tinge to his post-round winner interview or his laugh-out-loud nod to the interrupting Jungle Bird to “enjoy the jail cell,” Webb scored major points by praising his wife and her presence and influence as well. So as we exhale from San Francisco and get ready to take a leap into summer and the final push to the season’s last two majors, Simpson tops our Hot List. 

Webb Simpson – Mr. U.S. Open 2012

U.S. Open

Americans -They now hold the last three major titles as well as boast seven of the last PGA Tour trophies. In a Ryder Cup year, the momentum is certainly on the side of the red, white, and blue.

Webb Simpson at the 2012 U.S. Open

Jungle Bird -His five minutes of fame was really more like five seconds, but it was such a funny interruption during the ceremonies, and bonus for Jungle Bird, the cops didn’t press charges!

Patrick Cantlay

Patrick Cantlay – What’s better than playing four rounds in the US Open as an amateur? How about an endorsement deal with Travis Mathews and a professional debut this week at the Travelers Championship? Not a bad stretch.

Travelers Championship

Travelers Championship Media Center – Seriously one of the best in the business when it comes to treating the media covering the event. 

Barack Obama

Presidential Golf – Here’s to President Obama’s 100th round played Sunday in Chicago. It’s good for the game when the Commander-in-Chief is an advocate of golf and its benefits to those who play.

Tiger Woods

Bridgestone Invitational – Tiger Woods officially entered his name in the tournament this week meaning he’ll be going for win number seven at Firestone come August.

Beau Hossler

Beau Hossler – Despite his disappointing Sunday this kid has won some serious cool points this week as he returns to his high school buddies.

Rory McIlroy

Golf & Baseball – Bubba threw out the first pitch at the Mets game Monday. Rory McIlroy did it at the Giants game last Tuesday. And Dustin Johnson took his own stance on the mound to try to get it over the plate but not until after launching Rocketballs into McCovey Cove last Wednesday, courtesy of TaylorMade. But the real beneficiary of the merging of golf and baseball as of late was Matt Cain who hit a 342-yard-drive into the San Francisco Bay following Johnson’s lead (much to the chagrin of general manager Brian Sabean), before pitching the first perfect game in Giant’s history.