Golfers are not created equal. Especially the recreational ones.

Some must – absolutely must – dress like a touring pro. Others must – shamefully must – dress as outrageous as possible.


One of the latest shoe offerings from True Linkswear, the Scottsdale, Ariz., footwear and apparel manufacturer, feels light on the feet – and light on the wallet.


Continuing with the recent trend in crossover golf shoes, Nike Golf announced the arrival of its Dunk NG golf shoe for 2012.  Anthony Kim and Paul Casey will lace up the new shoes this season,


The Thanksgiving holiday is long gone – and so are the leftovers. It's now time to turn our attention towards the Jolly One.


It’s not hard to overlook the fact that golf shoes in many cases are as highly technical pieces of equipment as any club or ball in a player’s bag.