Allison Micheletti

Cast Member

Big Break Atlantis Competitor

Age: 24
Current Residence: Scottsdale, Ariz.
Hometown: St. Louis, Mo.
Home Course:
College: Furman University / Arizona State University
Profession: Professional Golfer


Daughter of professional hockey player Joe Micheletti, Allison was determined at an early age to be a professional athlete.  Growing up in a hockey family, she received a taste of what life is like to be a professional athlete and what it takes to get to the highest level.  Golf, however, was not the sport at which she anticipated she would excel.  Basketball was her first love.
“I played both basketball and soccer at a high level early on,” explained Micheletti.  “I had dreams of being a two-sport athlete at the University of Connecticut.  That is where I thought my life would take me.”

At the start of a basketball game at age 16, she suffered had an injury that would ultimately end her basketball and soccer careers.  She tore the ACL in her left knee.  After consulting with her doctors and family, she ultimately decided that she could not continue soccer and basketball.  She was determined to continue her dreams of being a professional athlete, and turned to golf.

“The doctor told me after three months of therapy I could golf or swim, so I decided to try golf.  “At a time when I thought my life was over at 17, I could never have imagined it was actually just beginning.'

She would spend hours at the golf course.  She quickly became addicted to the sport.  It was the challenge that kept her coming back.  She explained that in the past, sports always came easy for her.  Golf was different, a difficulty she had not had in the past.

“I love to practice.  It never gets old for me.  I know that starting late I needed to work harder than anyone else if I am going to make it.  I like that challenge.”

Following her injury, she has focused solely on golf her senior year of high school, and hasn’t looked back since.

“I love the game, the challenge and the feeling that all responsibility is on you as a player,” said Micheletti.  “You can’t blame anyone but yourself for what happens on the course.  It’s made me a better person.”

With very limited tournament experience her senior year (she could count the number of tournaments she played on in one hand), she sent her resume to 50 colleges throughout the country, seeking any college coach to give her a chance.

“I knew that if given the chance I would work as hard as I could to make an impact on any team that would take me,” said Micheletti.  “I just needed to be given the opportunity.  I remember thinking that I was not going to play golf in college just to play.  I was going to make this a career.”

Furman University was her next step.  She competed at Furman for a year-and-a-half, but her game struggled.   She soon realized that Furman was not suited for her.

“I knew that if I stayed at Furman I would not make it as a professional.  Personally, however, it was a very difficult decision for me to leave Furman, as I loved the school and college life.”

After withdrawing, she went home to St. Louis to regroup.  She continued working on her education and her golf.  She still had dreams of playing in college, but had eligibility problems coming from Furman.

She eventually moved to Arizona to work on her game year-round with renowned instructor and CBS golf analyst Peter Kostis.  Since then, she also has worked with Gabriel Hjdstedt, who has taken her game to a new level.  She enrolled in night classes at Arizona State University in order to continue working towards her double major of communications and business.

“My education always has been the most important part of my life,” said Micheletti.  “I always wanted to go to medical school.  If I do something, I want to do it properly and put my all into it.  I knew that I would not be able to excel at both medical school and golf.  However, I am very proud of my education, and hope to get my masters in the next few years.”

In 2011, Micheletti turned professional.  She played on the Cactus Tour and Women’s Canadian Tour with moderate success.  This year, she is planning on playing a full tournament schedule, building off of what she has learned in her first year as a professional.

With the support and mentoring from Kostis, the world just might need to take notice of Allison Micheletti on Big Break Atlantis.

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