Brent Long

Cast Member

Age: 30

Current Residence: Dallas, Texas

Hometown: Carthage, Tenn.

Home Golf Course: Dallas Athletic Club, Dallas, Texas

College: Western Kentucky University

Big Break Season: Big Break Mexico

Since Competing on Big Break: Caddied full time for longtime friend Scott Stallings in 2013 on the PGA TOUR.  Currently playing on various mini tours and PGA TOUR Canada.


Career stats
- Sun Belt Conference champion, 2006
- Turned pro in 2008
- Competed in 11 events on the Tour in 2011
- 3rd Place Finish at South Georgia Classic on Tour in 2011
-Two career top-10 finishes on the NGA Tour

Brent Long has been “biding his time,” as he likes to put it, to compete on Big Break.

As the first-alternate for the cast of Big Break Greenbrier in 2012, Brent first applied alongside Taryn Durham (Big Break Sandals Resorts competitor) back in 2009 as a team for Big Break X: Michigan.  After not making it to the final cast for the Greenbrier series, he thought his time was up.

“I pretty much convinced myself that this was just not meant to be,” joked Brent.  “It felt like just another chapter in my life, full of false starts and hopes.  But deep down, I never gave up hope.”

Brent was introduced to the game at 5 by his father and grandfather.   His grandfather, who Brent affectionately calls his “golf buddy,” saw that he had a natural talent at a young age, and encouraged him to pursue golf as his sport of choice growing up. 

“My grandfather would drive me to almost every one of my tournaments growing up,” recalled Brent.  “And the ones he didn’t we would talk every night about my round to see where I could improve going into the next one.  He really inspired me to chase after my dream to become a professional golfer.”

Another source of inspiration for Brent is one of the most well-known players in the game – Kenny Perry. 

Brent and Kenny’s son, Justin, were teammates at Western Kentucky University.  When Brent was first introduced to Kenny, they developed a lifelong friendship.

“Kenny has been instrumental in my development not only as a player, but as a Christian and a person,” said Brent.  “He is an awesome role model, and someone I always will look up to.”

Kenny also saw that natural talent that Brent employed while in college, and has been supportive through the trials and tribulations of competing on a professional level.

“He is such a source of comfort for me,” explained Brent.  “I’ll call on him for his expertise from time to time, and he has such a good way of calming my nerves, because he has been there on the highest level.  He has definitely helped me when I have struggled with my game and my confidence.”

Following graduation from college in 2008, Brent immediately turned professional.  He, along with many of his contemporaries on the mini-tour circuit, struggled with finances to make ends meet.  In 2011, he acquired a sponsor that allowed him to compete full-time for the first time without money concerns, and he Monday-qualified for eight Nationwide Tour events that year.  Later in the year, however, his sponsor’s company experienced financial struggles and was forced to put a hold on its sponsorship.  The lack of sponsorship, coupled with the fact that he narrowly missed earning status on the Tour for 2012, Brent struggled to keep his passion.

“I was deflated and defeated after that year,” explained Brent.  “I went into 2012 knowing that I was right back where I started – living paycheck-to-paycheck – and hoping that I would win enough money to pay my entry fees and travel expenses for the next event.  That grind is tough, and it takes a toll.”

Knowing that Brent came as close as one can get to being cast on Big Break in 2012 didn’t sit well.

“Between my father and Kenny, they helped me through a very difficult year last year,” said Brent.  “They gave me my sense of comfort.  They all agreed that something good was going to happen to me sooner rather than later.

December 2012 brought the good news he was waiting for.  He got the call that he was officially cast as a competitor on Big Break Mexico.

“Just to compete on the series is a dream come true,” said Brent.  “I have put in a lot of hard work over the years, and I’ve never given up.  If anyone needs a ‘Big Break’ in their career, it is me.  I am going to give it everything I have to come out on top.”