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Carl Whyte

Cast Member

Big Break Indian Wells Competitor
Age: 33
Hometown: Manchester, Jamaica
Current Residence: Salisbury, Md.
Home Course: Nutters Crossing Golf Course
College: University of Maryland, Eastern Shore; Salisbury University, MBA
Profession: Information Technology Professional

One look at Carl Whyte and the word “athlete” comes to mind.  A nationally recognized track star from Jamaica, Whyte represented his native country in a number of national and international track meets in high school.  He moved to the United States in 1997 on a track scholarship to the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore, and continues to run on a daily basis.

He is a late bloomer to the golf scene, having just taken up the game six years ago.

“I took up golf after college, and started playing with my mentor, Gary Hurlock, who introduced me to the game” said Carl.  “He was a lefty, and my attempt at golf on the range was left-handed.  I realized then that golf was not as easy as the pros made it seem, and I wanted to get good at it.”

He switched back to his natural right-handed style of play, and his passion to be the best he Can be on the course began to take shape, similar to his passion on the track.

“I wanted to beat Gary on the course, so I started focusing a lot of my time and energy on the game,” said Carl.

He spent his first four months on the driving range honing his skills before taking it to the course.  When he finally beat his mentor, he realized that golf could be a sport at which he can excel.

His second job out of college was on a golf course, which afforded him the time to practice.  An I.T. professional, Carl is extremely analytical by nature.  He came up with a unique method to his golf game that has allowed him to thrive.  He uses three different grips – a baseball grip to hit straight golf shots, an interlocking grip to hit fades and an overlapping grip to hit draws.

“Golf, for me, means ‘game of limited fundamentals,’” said Carl.  “I have broken down the golf swing to basic fundamentals and applied them to every golf shot.”

He carries a little red book with him on the golf course.  The book features personal data for every type of golf shot he has encountered, complete with notes on how to hit the shot.

“It’s my little cheat sheet,” said Carl.

Carl turned professional in 2010, and while he might be the least experienced competitor in terms of experience, he just might turn some heads on Big Break Indian Wells.  After all, he is “The Jamerican.”

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