Casey Bierer

ARTICLES BY Casey Bierer

  • An exclusive interview with Tiger Woods on his historic 1997 Masters victory.

  • Business news from the practice ranges, putting greens and TOUR trailers of professional golf.

  • Next up on our tour: An interview with David Duval comfortably onboard Nikes GV jet.

  • Roaming the Nissan Open range this past week -- and a very surprising encounter with Phil Mickelson.

  • The time is finally here. I said to myself, Self, youre about to interview Tiger Woods. Dont mess it up.

  • Another PGA Merchandise Show is behind us and by all accounts it was a good one.

  • It was finally time to hit Nike's new square-faced drivers. And finally time to talk to Tiger Woods.

  • There was an energy in the air. The kind you feel in anticipation of something unique happening.

  • With fresh snow covering our taxiway in Portland, we headed to Los Angles to interview Tiger Woods.

  • Snow nearly silences the Whistle Stop Tour, and I talk with Nike Golf president Bob Woods about Tiger Woods.