Emily Tubert

Cast Member

Age: 22

Current Residence: Burbank, Calif.

Hometown: Burbank, Calif.

Home Golf Course: DeBell Golf Club, Burbank, Calif.

College: University of Arkansas

Profession: Professional Golfer


Career Highlights

-          2010 U.S. Women’s Amateur Public Links champion

-          Member of 2012 U.S. Curtis Cup Team

-          Qualified for the 2013 U.S. Women’s Open as an amateur

-          Three-time All-American at University of Arkansas with six collegiate wins

-          Four-time First-Team All SEC and SEC Co-Freshman of the Year


For Emily Tubert, competing on Big Break Myrtle Beach is the best graduation present she could have ever received.

A three-time All-American at the University of Arkansas, Tubert is competing on Big Break Myrtle Beach fresh off of graduating from college in May.  While she might be one of the younger competitors on the series, on paper she is one of the favorites.  Her resume speaks for itself: Six wins in college.  Member of the 2012 U.S. Curtis Cup Team.  Three-time All-American.   Four-time First-Team All SEC.  Participant in the 2013 U.S. Women’s Open as an amateur.  Recipient of the prestigious Dinah Shore award in 2014, an award given annually to a female collegiate golfer who excels in academics and athletics, while also demonstrating outstanding leadership skills and community service.

However, when you consider all of Tubert’s successes and then hear her talk about her collegiate and amateur careers, it sounds like she is talking to about two entirely different people.

“My senior year was one filled with unaccomplished potential,” said Tubert.  “I played well, but deep down I could have performed so much better for myself and my teammates.  I feel like in a way I let my team down by not performing to my potential.  I just didn’t have the fight in me I had my freshman year.”

She notes the fact that she was a three-time All-American, not four, as proof that she underachieved in college.

“I just lost my way a little bit,” said Tubert.  It was hard to put my finger on it.  I knew I was so much better than what my results were showing.  I knew I just needed to get back to the basics and regroup.”

The basics meant seeking advice from her family, something she admits she did not do during her senior year.

“I finally sat down with my parents and just let everything out about what was going on with my game and my golf career,” said Tubert. “Once I graduated, it felt like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders.”

Tubert admitted she was encountering what amateur golfers call the “yips.” She would address the golf ball but at times would back off.  She was suffering mentally on the golf course and she knew it.

Through talking with her mother, Tubert focused on ‘pressing the reset button.’ 

After graduation, she decided to put her unfulfilled expectations from her senior year in the rear view mirror. 

“Everything happens for a reason,” said Tubert.  “Everyone goes through ups and downs in life, and I certainly went through that my senior year.  But I never lost focus of my ultimate goal, which is to play on the LPGA Tour.”

Receiving the call to compete on Big Break further validated Tubert’s conclusions that everything happens for a reason.  Receiving her diploma was the official start of her reset.  Big Break Myrtle Beach is her next step.