Frank Thomas

ARTICLES BY Frank Thomas

  • Discussing survey results, optimizing distance and the new 'No Back Swing' concept.

  • Will sub-freezing temperatures affect my golf balls? And a reader's list of cures to a sticky problem.

  • This week I reveal the results from questions I asked last week in regards to having two sets of rules.

  • We'll chat about how to judging distance in the cold, and we'll revisit the notion of two sets of rules.

  • When is it time to change your irons? And should you try and refreshen your grooves yourself?

  • Has the time come for two sets of rules: one for the regular player and one for the elite player?

  • It seems the number one thing we all want is distance. But is it better to be long than accurate?

  • This week, we discuss whether or not you can choke down and grip the shaft when you putt.

  • This week, we discuss whether or not your driver will lose its 'pop' over the course of time.

  • Old Man Winter is waking up. Should you keep your clubs out of the garage? Answers to this and more.