Frank Thomas

ARTICLES BY Frank Thomas

  • This week we learn what causes a ball to lip out of the hole and if a logo has any affect on your ball.

  • This week we discuss if it's OK for daughters to use their brother's hand-me-down clubs.

  • This week we discuss the lure of launch monitors and how you to make friends with your new driver.

  • In this week's Q&A, we discuss if it is under the Rules of Golf for a player to mark his ball,

  • This week we discuss if it's OK for men to use women's clubs, and how to measure spin rate.

  • This week we talk about the proper shaft length, the importance of lie angles, and why NOT to quit.

  • We talk grooves, hybrids, and if it is possible to get rid of the loud noise produced by new drivers.

  • This week we discuss how to handle fast green speeds and, even for putters, size DOES matter.

  • This week we will discuss, among other things, is: Does plumb-bobbing really work to read a putt?

  • We'll discuss whether or not long putters should be made illegal and shafts relating to launch angle.