George Bryan

Cast Member

Age: 26

Current Residence: Chapin, S.C.

Hometown: Chapin, S.C.

College: University of South Carolina

Home Golf Course: The Members Club at Woodcreek, Elgin, S.C.

Profession: Professional Golfer


Career Highlights

-          Three-time NCAA All-American and three-time All-SEC at University of South Carolina

-          Lowest single season stroke average and lowest all-time stroke average at USC


George and his brother Wesley are the second set of brothers in the history of Big Break to compete during the same season (Tony and Gippper Finau, Big Break Disney Golf).  Introduced to the game at an early age by his father – former PGA TOUR professional George Bryan – the younger Bryan knew by high school that he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and one day walk the fairways on the PGA TOUR.

A South Carolina native, Bryan was a three-time All-American at the University of South Carolina, with several top-10 finishes and one win.  Following graduation in 2010, he turned professional.  He took on a full schedule right out of college on the mini tour circuit, a decision he regrets.

“I put a lot of pressure on myself coming out of college.  I wanted to play and earn a good paycheck every week,” recalls Bryan.  “Looking back on it, I should have eased into turning professional and continued to build confidence in my game.  Instead, I went full speed ahead and developed some bad swing habits.”

Through working with his longtime coach, Mike Bender, he corrected his habits and also lightened up his schedule.  When his younger brother Wesley graduated from USC two years later, George gave him advice that has had a profound impact on both brothers:

“Have fun with golf.  Enjoy the sport like our dad does.”

The Bryan brothers also have a fascination with trick shots.  In early 2014, George and Wesley decided to start recording some of their trick shots and post them on YouTube.  The videos became an instant hit.  By the end of 2014, their collection of trick shot videos had received more than two million views.

“It is crazy how this has taken off,” joked Bryan.  “We’re just doing something we love and enjoy.”

His enjoyment with trick shots has the potential to not only help fund his golf career in the long term, but in the short term also could give him an advantage in navigating the various challenges on Big Break The Palm Beaches, FL.