George White

ARTICLES BY George White

  • 5/3/01 -- Scott Hoch was 45 years old when he won at Greensboro last week, and that put the mind to working.

  • 4/30/01 -- Scott Hoch was bubbling. Yes, bubbling. This is the way wife Sally says we should see him at home,

  • 4/27/01 -- Do they want the best caliber of play, or do they want the biggest names on the Senior Tour?

  • From the tee boxes, all you can see for miles and miles around is the aqua-blue splendor of the Caribbean, two miles straight down and 100 miles straight out toward Cuba.

  • 4/24/01 -- Hal Sutton can read the calendar. He was born April 28, 1958. This is late April 2001

  • Annika Sorenstam plays professional golf.
    There ' right away I got a few of you. Tiger Woods may seem like the only one alive who actually does this for a living, but Im here to tell you that women do play golf.

  • 4/11/01 -- Tiger Woods was 21 when he won his first major championship - the Masters. So was Bobby Jones when he won his first major - the U.S. Open.

  • If he plays well, he wins. Discussion closed. I don't care how good anyone else plays.

  • The par-3 contest, a tradition at the Masters since 1960, will once again be held Wednesday during Masters week.

  • 4/1/01 -- The only persons authorized to wear the famous Green Jacket are club members and tournament champions.