George White

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  • Any first-grade kid in the country can tell you whos the favorite. Tiger. Hes coming off two wins in tough tournaments. Hes probably the worlds best putter, the most skillful iron player, and right at the top when it comes to driving.

  • 3/28/01 -- I was a sportswriter in Houston in 1969 when a high school lad from Austin came to town

  • By his own admission, he has spent the first three months of the season in preparation for this week.

  • 3/22/01 -- Colin Montgomerie was quite the comedian. Sitting at the dais at the Players Championship

  • 3/19/01: Okay, enough of this foolishness. Most of us are dunderheads who understand nothing about golf, we have learned. Tiger has won, so on with the show.

  • 3/16/01 -- Annika Sorenstam now has one thing that no one else among women professionals has ' THE RECORD.

  • 3/16/01 -- What in the name of Bobby Jones is happening with these absurdly low numbers that the lads have been shooting this year?

  • The first hole is straightaway, but it is difficult for two reasons: first, the hole is quite testing on its own merit, and two, it signifies the chase is on for one of the greatest titles in golf.
    From an elevated tee, the h

  • 3/12/01 -- He played all four rounds with a putter he had seen just the day before the tournament began.

  • 21-year-old Tiger Woods won the Masters by 12 shots. It was the all-time record victory