George White

ARTICLES BY George White

  • 2/20/01 -- The weather is great. So are the golf courses. The players have

  • 2/19/01 -- The Old Fella shot his age. Arnold Palmer did it while playing a regular tour event.

  • 'I believe in fate,' said Ben Crenshaw at the 1995 Masters.

  • This was the year Greg Norman won it. Everything said it - that would be the headline come Monday.

  • Today's sermon is 'The Media and Mister Woods.' No, there's no problem with the writers and Tiger.

  • Legends live and legends die, but the Legend of 1986 is destined to live on forever.

  • The Masters has become known for its winners, but it has also become known for those who looked like they would win but didn't.
    Arnold Palmer won in 1958 when he lodged a complaint about a penalty.

  • Ben Hogan was 40 in 1953, three years after his near-fatal car wreck in West Texas in 1950. Many believed his best years were behind him.

  • Byron Nelson was a 25-year-old tall, nervous Texan in 1937. The Masters was only three years old, going on four.

  • 2/7/01 -- The Miracle Putt was a near-impossible task, what with the length, the glitzy opposition