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  • Forget Tiger. Forget the Mickelsons, the Suttons, the Duvals and the Loves. This story is about the young guys who will impact the PGA Tour, those you may not have heard of, those you definitely will hear of in the future

  • 12/19/00 -- Once again the alarms are sounding, the principals are caterwauling, the captains mounting soapboxes wringing their hands in consternation. The Ryder Cup is the subject. If we don't fix it NOW, the world as we know it will cease to exist.

  • 12/11/00 -- It must be comforting for the world of golf to know that Tiger Woods is not going to win ALL the tournaments. He doesn't enter half of them. Of the half he enters in America, he wins only one of two. That means that someone other than Mr. T. Woods wins three out of every four on the PGA Tour schedule.

  • 12/7/00 -- Larry Nelson is not a moron. He remembers all too well those days in the Vietnam jungles when survival to the next day became a question mark, not `How does it feel to be a father.'

  • Maybe Davis Love is getting older. Or maybe he's just gotten tired of losing to Tiger Woods every time the opportunity affords itself. So Tiger has more talent - but he has more than any golfer in the world. Of course, if that thought consumes you, you never will get him. Lord knows that even Tiger Woods is going to fail 50 percent of the time. Either Woods is going to be off a little, or someone is going to have it all working for four straight days.

  • You know how it goes with athletes and kids. Slap your name on a foundation, get three or four dedicated souls to run it, let them do all the work, then go rest in your hammock and congratulate yourself on doing something for youth.

  • In 1991 and 1992, there was no Tiger Woods on the PGA Tour. There was no World Golf Championships, no ERC drivers, no Presidents Cup. There was, however, Fred Couples, and for 18 months, Couples was as close to being Tiger-like as there was.

  • 11/20/00 -- Something has been missing in the LPGA corner. Her name is Dottie Pepper. Pepper won the LPGA`s Arch Wireless Championship, and what a reminder it was that things just haven't been the same around here...

  • So he didn't win any of the final three. Tiger Woods, who was favored to win all of them, couldn't manage win No. 10.

    Those are the negatives. The positives, though, make 2000 a year that will be remembered in golf lore forever. If Woods never again duplicates it, there were enough hold-your-breath moments to last a lifetime.

  • 11/09/00 -- They don't travel overseas much, the majority of American golfers. This week 12 of them could have gone to Spain but didn't, where the best of the planet is supposed to be playing in another World Golf Championship...