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  • JD is back in the news again. And The Comebacker is fielding any and all readers on the subject.

  • John Daly is saying Butch Harmon apologized to him. Harmon is saying he did not.

  • This year's U.S. Open will have prime-time coverage over the final two rounds. NBC Sports will take advantage of the West Coast location.

  • Tiger Woods can't wait to get back on the course. He just doesn' t know when that will be.

  • Announcing on its Live From the Masters telecast tonight, the GOLF CHANNEL will launch an expansive, companywide initiative honoring Dads across America.

  • This story is not about me, but my Uncle Fritz.

  • In May 2004, I was invited to play Augusta National as part of a (very) special retirement gift.

  • As someone who is blessed to have gotten a position as a volunteer for the Masters, I get to play each year.

  • The first time I played Augusta was more than 40 years ago. They had caddies that you had to hire.

  • My brothers and I were invited by our uncle, who was a member at Augusta for many years, to join him for 5 days of