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  • In May 2004, I was invited to play Augusta National as part of a (very) special retirement gift.

  • As someone who is blessed to have gotten a position as a volunteer for the Masters, I get to play each year.

  • I will never forget playing Augusta National.

  • The following is my account of how I was afforded the opportunity to play the most sought after golf course in the

  • It was around 1990 and I was managing a television station for the New York Times in Huntsville, Al.

  • I played Augusta National in 1987 and 1988 on the Monday after the Masters.

  • My brother and I were guests at Augusta in March 1993, less than a month before the Masters.

  • It was 1995, and my good pal and two-time Champion Bernhard Langer gave me the call that fulfilled a life long dr

  • I was President of Pasatiempo Golf Club in Santa Cruz, California.

  • I am a lawyer in Milwaukee and played Augusta on April 24, 2005.