James Lepp

Cast Member

Age: 28

Current Residence: Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
Hometown: Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
Home Golf Course: Ledgeview Golf & Country Club
College: University of Washington
Big Break Greenbrier Competitor (2013, Runner-up)

Career stats: 
- Turned professional in 2006.
- Two-time winner on the Canadian Tour (first victory was as an amateur).
- Won 2005 NCAA Individual Championship while at University of Washington.  First Canadian male to win national championship.
- Seven-time winner in college.
- Four-time All American.
- Medalist at the 2005 U.S. Amateur.

Personal: Founder of golf shoe company Kikkor Golf. 

Since Big Break Greenbrier…

James Lepp’s main reason for participating on Big Break Greenbrier was to see if he still had the desire to give competitive golf another run.  After finishing runner-up on the series – losing to Mark Silvers in the final match even after shooting a 67 – his question was answered.  His passion for competitive golf returned.

Off the golf course, Lepp’s golf shoe business, Kikkor Golf, also saw a dramatic increase in awareness as a result of his participation on Big Break Greenbrier.

“It’s funny, I never planned on going on Big Break Greenbrier to promote my business.  I wanted to get back into the swing of things with competitive golf,” said James.  “I wasn’t the ‘Kikkor guy’ on Big Break, I was the NCAA winner and an aspiring professional golfer who turned away from the game during a rough stretch and was trying to get it back.  Business has been great.  I wish I had another clone of me, one that can be a golfer and one that can be the business guy.”

That is the conundrum Lepp faces today.  He not only has a renewed passion for competitive golf, but also loves the business side of golf, as well.  When asked if he wanted to return to Big Break, he did not hesitate to say yes.

“One, the prizes are sweet.  You are guaranteed to get into a PGA TOUR event, which may be all I need to really get the competitive juices rolling again,” said James.  “Two, I love the competition.  Three, Big Break Greenbrier was one of the best experiences in my life.  It would have been foolish to say no.  Even if I didn’t want to play competitive golf anymore, I would still say yes because it is so much fun to be here.  When you know it is a reunion show it’s going to be something special.  Plus, I’m a die-hard NFL fan, so this is awesome.”


On why Lepp applied for Big Break Greenbrier after quitting competitive golf:

“I wanted to be a professional golfer since I was four years old, ever since I picked up a golf club.  I love golf, and live for golf.  It’s all I really know.  I always was competing at the highest level, through junior golf, amateur golf and college golf.  A couple of years into playing professionally I hit a pretty solid wall.  I failed to improve.  I felt like I was getting worse.  Happily, I turned away from the game.  I needed it.  I was starting to “hate” golf, and I never thought I would get to that point.  After a few years of barely playing and working on the business side of golf, I’m really starting to enjoy the game again.  I’m curious to find out what ‘real’ competition feels like after being away.  Will I love it?  Will I hate it?  Will I excel like I know I can, or not?  Big Break will be my test.”

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