James Ponti


  • As a recap of the season, here are the moments that stick out the most to me for each player.

  • Were down to our final two competitors and the end is in sight. The process of making a season of the Big Break is a long one.

  • This was a big week for Big Break alumni with both Tommy Gainey and Becky Lucidi making it through their respective Q-schools to earn their cards for the PGA and LPGA tours

  • During the four seasons that Ive been a part of the Big Break, there have been many surprises.

  • As a professional wrestler, Gerry James competed as the evil Agent Orange. But it turns out that the real-life Gerry is much kinder and gentler.

  • Of the hundreds of people who I saw personally at various auditions, Josh was the only one to call me dude on numerous occasions.

  • His nickname among the players was the Eliminator but I called him Rasputin. Like the mad Russian monk, you just cant kill him. Every time you think hes done, he gets back up off of the ground and keeps going.

  • As soon as we found out we were going to Mesquite, we added a long drive challenge to the list of possibles.

  • During my time at GOLF CHANNEL, with various seasons of the Big Break, I have been on location and a part of roughly 50 different player eliminations. Each one is hard to watch in its own way. It is a grueling and emotional process and when someone is eliminated from the show, you cant help but feel for them. This weeks elimination, though, takes the cake as the most surprising and unusual of them all.

  • A product of the Australian Institute of Sport, James Nitties has had a great career here in the United States.