Justin Martinson

Cast Member

Age: 26

Current Residence: Savannah, Ga.

Hometown: Avondale, Pa.

College: University of Delaware

Home Golf Course: Hartefeld National Golf Club, Avondale, Pa.; Crosswinds Golf Club, Savannah, Ga.

Profession: Professional Golfer


Career Highlights

-          Four professional wins on mini tours since turning professional in 2011

-          2010 Philadelphia Amateur champion

-          2010 Delaware Amateur champion

-          2009, 2011 Delaware Open champion

-          2010 Colonial Athletic Association Conference champion

-          First Team All-Conference, 2010

-          Holds multiple scoring records at University of Delaware


Growing up, Justin Martinson always envisioned he would be a professional athlete.  However, the sport wasn’t golf.  It was hockey.

Introduced to hockey when his family moved from South Korea to Minnesota at the age of four, he was instantly hooked.  Golf emerged as an equal interest when Martinson was six years old.  

“As a kid playing hockey, you also can develop a really good and powerful golf swing,” joked Martinson.  Both are like hockey slapshots.”

Martinson’s family moved a lot when he was growing up.  Every two years, his family would move.  Korea. California, New Zealand and Minnesota just to name a few.  When Martinson turned 16, he and his family moved to Avondale, Pa.  John Dunigan, a local golf instructor and a family friend, noticed Martinson’s raw talent and took him under his wing.

It was then that Martinson switched his focus from hockey to golf.  A decision that he says is the best he ever made.

He began playing in junior tournaments and found considerable success as one of the top players on the International Junior Golf Tour (IJGT).  As a result of several wins during his final year on the IJGT, several universities had an interest in recruiting him. He accepted a scholarship from Charleston Southern University, where he played his Freshman year.  For family reasons, Martinson headed back north and transferred to the University of Delaware for his Sophomore year and found immediate success, becoming one of the most successful collegiate golfers in UD history.

Following graduation in 2011, Martinson was determined more than ever to continue his journey and immediately turned professional.  He has been competing on the various mini tours the past three years, with multiple victories.  Still, he feels he has not reached his potential, and needs that extra push to help propel him to the next level.

Big Break The Palm Beaches, FL could be that extra push that Martinson needs.

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