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  • This eight week challenge is separated into four sections. Each category represents two weeks of golf fitness tips.

  • When we include recovery techniques we reduce the physical and psychological stresses from golf and we begin to maximize the full benefits of our work-outs.

  • Here are a few tips to help you stay on track with your new golf fitness program.

  • How do you develop more feel in your golf swing?

  • How do you develop more feel in your golf swing?

  • The ability to initiate your lower body before your upper body in the downswing helps alleviate many common swing flaws.

  • Many golfers struggle with tension in the hips. Having mobility in the hips, specifically the internal and external rotators as well as the inner thigh muscles is essential for a more fluid golf swing.

  • What can you do to quickly prepare your body for the golf swing? Although this tip is not the complete golf warm-up it is a good way to get your trunk and shoulders prepared for your round.

  • A sedentary lifestyle and poor posture often contribute to excessive flexion and tension in the hip flexors.

  • You know when you are in a golf lesson and your pro tells you to feel your shoulders or arms in a specific location? That sense of knowing is proprioception.