Lindsay Aho

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Lindsay Aho

Age: 26

Current Residence: Scottsdale, Ariz.

Hometown: Brush Prairie, Wash.

College: Concordia University

Profession: Professional Golfer


Career Stats:

-          Rookie on the 2013 Cactus Tour, posting three top-10 finishes in 10 events entered, and finishing 19th on the Cactus Tour Money List

-          Winner of the 2013 Pepsi Northwest Women’s Open

-          Two-time All American at Concordia University

-          Won 13 collegiate events while at Concordia

-          Senior Female Athlete of the Year at Concordia

-          Nominated for Oregon Sports Awards Small College Player of the Year


Simple and Positive.


Those are the two words that Lindsay Aho lives by.  She has a lifetime of experiences on and off the course using these two words as her inspiration.


Growing up, Lindsay’s first love was basketball.  She played competitively through high school with the intentions of continuing her career in college.  She took up the game of golf in high school as a way to play another sport in the spring, and joined the high school golf team her freshman year.


“I initially signed up as a joke,” recalled Lindsay.  “But then I started playing and really learning the game.  I fell in love with it.”


She reduced her nine hole scores by 20 shots her freshman year.  Her game gradually improved, winning high school matches, placing high in state competitions, and eventually winning district championship her senior year.  Her passion for the game also gradually shifted from basketball to golf during her high school years, but it wasn’t until Carl Laib, longtime caddie for LPGA Tour professional Wendy Ward, saw Lindsay’s golf swing her senior year and told her she had a bright future in golf if she wanted to pursue it.


“I will never forget what he shared with me,” recalled Lindsay.  “He told me that I have a real shot at turning pro if I stick with golf.  “He gave me so much positive reinforcement, and really got me excited about what the future might have in store.”


After high school, she signed with Concordia University in Oregon on an academic and golf scholarship.  She also walked-on to the basketball team at Concordia – hesitantly at first – but was overwhelmed with the positive energy and reinforcement from her teammates and coaches that she fell back in love with the game.


“I loved playing both sports at Concordia,” said Lindsay. 


As time went on, however, Lindsay had to decide where her heart truly was.  She chose golf.  Her teammates supported her decision, and so did her new golf coach at Concordia – Ronn Grove, her first swing coach back when she was a junior golfer.


“Coach Grove was such a great motivator and supporter of me throughout college, and he continues to be to this day,” said Lindsay.  . 


Grove instilled in Lindsay that staying positive and keeping things simple when it comes to the golf swing are the two main ingredients for success.


Lindsay went on to be a two-time All-American at Concordia.  Following graduation in 2010, she became a graduate assistant and assistant women’s golf coach at Concordia.  Throughout college, she also was a counselor for her high school youth group, and continued after college graduation.  She thrived on being a mentor and a positive motivator for others.


“Giving back to others is such a big part of who I am,” said Lindsay. 


At the same time, Lindsay admits that she learned just as much, if not more, from her youth kids than she taught them.  Through working with her high school youth kids, they pushed her to go after her dreams of becoming a professional golfer.


In 2012, she shifted her focus to her own golf career.   She turned professional in late 2012, competed in a few events on the Cactus Tour and moved to “The Simple Farm” in Arizona.  Friends from her church in Portland put Lindsay in touch with the family.  She recalls her time living at the farm her best experience she has ever had. 


“It was such a different way of living, being on a farm,” said Lindsay.  “It was so relaxing.  It allowed me to clear my head and prepare me for my first full year as a pro, and to appreciate the simple things in life.”


Lindsay also began working with a new instructor, Steve Bowen.  His philosophy also was a “simple” one, allowing her athleticism dominate her thought process in her golf swing instead of using modern technology and training aids.


Lindsay’s rookie year on the Cactus Tour was a success by her standards – three top-10 finishes in 10 events entered and finishing 19th on the Money List.  She also won her first tournament as a professional – the Pepsi Northwest Women’s Open – validating her decision to pursue her dream of being a professional golfer.  She will compete on the Cactus Tour and Symetra Tour in 2014.


Simple and positive.  Two ingredients Lindsay just might need for a successful run on Big Break Florida.