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Mark Burk

Cast Member

Pipe Dream
Mark Burk was born in 1957 in Los Angeles, California. A single mother, who gave him the best of everything, raised him. His mother, a successful businesswoman exposed him to some of the finer things in life, including country club memberships.

At 13 years old, Mark played his first round of golf at Inglewood Country Club where he made a hole-in-one on a par three. Mark was hooked. Realizing he had some talent, Mark began to play in junior tournaments. When Mark was 16, he placed third in the Pasadena Open and won CIF at Inglewood High.

In 1984, Mark played in the US Amateur Tournament at Oak Tree Country Club. That same year, he finished low amateur in the California State Open at Olivas Park. In 1987, Mark won the LA County Amateur Tournament.

In 1988, Mark turned pro, playing for a year on the Sunshine Tour in South Africa. He had moderate success and moved back to Southern California to play a multitude of mini-tour events. Again, his success was moderate.

Mark quit playing competitively and focused on teaching golf from 1995 to 2005. He was known to be an excellent instructor, teaching out of a golf studio he designed and built in his garage. Mark was hired as a consultant on the movie 'Swordfish' and taught both Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman how to swing a club.

Mark was so serious about the game, he spent vast amounts of money learning various philosophies and being trained to reach the highest level of golf. Throughout his golf career Mark has studied under the likes of Ben Doyle, Jim Flick, Peter Kostis, Bob Toski, David Leadbetter and Kip Puterbaugh.

Mark began to feel the call of competition again in 2000 and qualified the local US Open, shooting a 73 at Industry Hills Golf Club. From that moment, Mark began playing in a variety of mini-tour events. In 2006, Mark won a Pepsi Mini-Tour event shooting 71 and 73. Mark won The Desert Classic at Mission Hills Country Club shooting 70 and 71 at this Golden State event. Mark has attempted to make it through PGA's Qualifying School three times. Even though he has yet to qualify, Mark refuses to give up on his dream.

Golf is the only profession that Mark has ever known. He is passionate about this game, its values, and challenges. He is inching closer and closer to his dream, but for him, it is day-by-day. Above all, he has a positive attitude, a tremendous love and respect for the game, and an undying spirit.


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