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  • In a Big Break Disney Golf episode that began on Main Street U.S.A., Sean Kalin’s (D

  • Sporting a bold style of play to match a colorful wardrobe, Kevan Maxwell doesn’t back down.  It was his aggressive nature, though, that led to his elimination from Big Break Disney Golf.

  • If the premiere episode of 'Big Break Kaanapali' proved nothing else, viewers quickly discovered that the 12 contestants in the all-female field are more than daddies little girls.

  • In 2003, Brian Kontak wanted the opportunity to qualify for the United States Womens Open after Annika Sorenstam competed in a PGA TOUR event. It never happened. Now, after winning Big Break: Mesquite, he will be the one playing in a TOUR event.

  • The upsets continue on Big Break: Mesquite as Hiroshi Matsuo was eliminated from the series in an episode-long Elimination Challenge

  • When Hiroshi Matsuo drove away in the car that he won on Tuesdays Big Break: Mesquite, Gerry James could only wave goodbye.

  • After surviving each of the first seven Elimination Challenges to earn the notorious nickname, Kevin Taylor was ousted in the 12-week series.

  • The Rat Pack may have hit the fairway with the one-of-a-kind Benoit Beisser, but his Big Break: Mesquite song and dance came to an end

  • The party is over for James Nitties. Gerry James turned out the lights on the fun-loving Australian's Big Break: Mesquite festivities

  • For Matt Vick, the sixth episode of Big Break: Mesquite was a good news/bad news scenario.