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Matthew Gawn

Cast Member

Pipe Dream
Counselor, Coachella Rescue Mission

Matthew Gawn was born in Arrowhead, CA and raised in Sunnymead, CA. He is the youngest child of four. His father was an entrepreneur and a jack-of-all-trades. He was very successful in all his achievements and instilled those morals to his children. Matt's mother and father both owned and operated their own successful fire safety equipment business. His mother is the picture of perfection as a business woman and mother. His parents instilled in him solid work ethics from a young age. He started working at the age of 15 and was proud to bring home a paycheck. He attended Canyon Springs High School and was well liked by his peers.

Matthew Gawn was married at 23 and was blessed to have two healthy, handsome sons. Matt was a provider for his family. He worked hard to make sure that his family was well taken care of and never lost focus of the importance of family. In 2003, Matt's world was turned upside down; he was in a serious car accident that almost left him paralyzed. Matt lost 75% of the muscle strength in his right leg due to two ruptured discs in his spine. Matt was unable to work and provide for his family. This was by far the most devastating event of his life. Matt lost everything and had to humble himself and walk in the doors of The Coachella Valley Rescue Mission as a client.

At the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission he built back up his motivation for life. While there he was given the tools Thru classes and counseling to restore what he had lost and regain the insight of his life. Nine months into the program he realized the purpose God had for him. Matt always had compassion to help people. While at the Mission, the staff saw the same and offered him a position.

While on staff he has had Pastoral training, drug and alcohol training as well as Christian- counseling training. He is now the Men's Program Manager helping other men to see their self worth and purpose for life. He has helped countless men to their road to recovery and success.


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