Michael Collins

ARTICLES BY Michael Collins

  • Q-School high and lows; chatting it up with DL3; and thoughts of me and Natalie together.

  • It's that time of the year when the stress of trying to keep a PGA Tour card results in strange behavior.

  • My adventure goes from Scottsdale to Philly, and then in an untimely fashion, to Florida.

  • There's always some good stories to tell after the PGA Tour rolls through Sin City.

  • Many caddies think of the Texas Open for its grueling walk. I remember it for a different reason.

  • Some of the best drama you'll find out on the PGA Tour happens in the next six weeks.

  • Watching the caddies celebrate the Ryder Cup victory caused me to turn introverted.

  • You think the players are the only ones to have dump trucks driving around their bellys on the first tee?

  • Its not a job to start if you have a family at home, a mortgage, or even a car payment. But...

  • If you think it would be easy, think again. All the cash may not be worth all the hassle.