Toph Peterson

Cast Member

Age: 28

Current Residence: Gilbert, Ariz.

Hometown: Logan, Utah

Home Courses:  Logan Golf and Country Club, Logan, Utah;  Las Sendas Golf Club, Mesa, Ariz.

College: Utah State University

Profession: Professional Golfer; Owner of a designer walking golf bag company


Career Highlights

- Walked on to the Utah State University golf team during junior and senior years

- Co-captain during senior year at Utah State

- Turned professional in 2011


Big Break is all about giving professional golfers the opportunity to take that next step in their golf careers.  For Toph Peterson, 2014 is a fresh start for him at trying to realize his dreams of making it to the PGA TOUR.

He prides himself on earning everything he gets when it comes to golf, and sees challenges in life as opportunities to overcome obstacles that come his way. 

“I relish the fact that challenges are what shapes a person, which has helped me grow as a golfer,” said Peterson.

Peterson took up the game of golf at 11 years-of-age.  Baseball was Peterson’s sport of choice growing up, but when he transitioned to golf at age 14, he began to experience success on the junior golf circuit.

Utah State’s head golf coach Dean Johanson took notice of Peterson in high school.  Following graduation, Peterson enrolled at Utah State and successfully walked on to the golf team his freshman year.

He admits, however, that he did not have his priorities straight.  He let his academics slip to where he was no longer eligible to compete, and subsequently dropped out of school.

“Looking my coaches in the face and seeing their disappointment in me was a life-changing experience,” recalled Peterson.  “I deserved it.  I let myself, my family, my team and most importantly, my coaches, down.”

Peterson took time off to work full time and refocus his energy and passion on his game.  A high school friend, Dan Smith, pushed Peterson to give college another try.  Two years later, a humbled Peterson spoke with Johansen at Utah state, who gave him a second chance. 

“I don’t know where I would be today if it wasn’t for them,” said Peterson.

Refreshed and refocused, he successfully walked back on to the golf team, qualified and made the traveling team for every tournament his final two years. He earned a scholarship and was named co-captain his senior year.

Peterson graduated in December of 2010, and had one year of eligibility left on the team.  That final year allowed him to hone his game to prepare him for professional golf.

He turned pro in 2011 and moved to Arizona.  As with many players who turn professional out of college, finances were a challenge.  He put competitive golf on hold and worked in the golf industry to make a steady paycheck, and started up a golf bag company to supplement his income.  His passion for the game was tested, and he realized his best move at the time was to move back to Utah to get his finances in order and work on his building his company to eventually support his professional golf career.

In 2013, he moved back to Arizona to give professional golf another go.  While in Arizona, he stumbled upon a Big Break audition and decided to give it a shot.  Two months later, he received the phone call that he was cast for Big Break Myrtle Beach.

“This is a fresh start for me in golf,” said Peterson. “I could finally realize my dream of playing on the PGA TOUR. I plan to give Big Break everything I have. ”