Will Lowery

Age: 28

Hometown: Charlotte, N.C.
Current Residence: Charlotte, N.C.
Home Golf Course: Charlotte Country Club, North Stone Country Club
Big Break Indian Wells competitor (2011, semifinalist)

Career Stats

- Competes full time on the Carolina Mountain Tour and eGolf Tour
- Several top-10 finishes on two victories on the mini-tour circuit
- Currently volunteers with The First Tee of Charlotte
- Plays golf with a cross-handed grip.

Since Big Break Indian Wells…

Will Lowery jokes that he gets recognized not just because he was on Big Break, but that he has one of the most unique golf swings in the country: he plays golf cross-handed.

“People will look at me and think, ‘I know that guy from somewhere,’ and then they take one look at my golf swing and say, ‘Oh, that’s Will from Big Break,” joked Will.  “It is amazing to me how it is still relevant.  I guess that is what makes me unique.”

Advancing to the semifinals on Big Break Indian Wells, Lowery was afforded the opportunity to put his unique golf swing and charismatic personality on display for 10 weeks.  It attracted the attention from a variety of personalities and drew in new fans to the series, including actor/comedian Steve Harvey.

“I met Steve at an awards show in Las Vegas, and he told me I was the only reason why he started watching the show,” said Will.  “I guess my swing had him captivated.  He believes I brought a lot of people to the show because I am not your typical golfer.  I truly believe and respect that.”

Lowery continues to volunteer with The First Tee of Charlotte, helping to introduce inner city youth to the game he loves.  Growing up in the inner city Charlotte, Will knows all too well the struggles young kids go through.  He also is starting the Will Lowery Foundation, focusing on childhood education through golf. 

He also is improving all facets of his golf swing with the help of the legendary James Black, who has become his swing coach and mentor.

“I humbly went up to him at a gathering in Charlotte and introduced myself and said that I needed help with my game,” said Will.  “He has taken me under his wing, teaching me the physical and mental mechanics of golf.

“He has so many stories to share from his experiences in golf.  If you could hear the stories of what he has been through.  That just fuels my desire even more to make it to the PGA TOUR.  It is a new passion, and I would love to repay him by making it to the PGA TOUR and have Mr. Black walk the fairways right along with me.  That would be a dream come true.”


Will Lowery’s journey to play golf professionally was not the straight and narrow course that many competitors experience.  Growing up in an urban community, he admits to starting out with the “wrong crowd,” and “initially going down the wrong path.”  At the age of five, his father put a golf club in his hand as a way to teach him life lessons.  Will had no idea of its value at the time.  

As he grew older, he knew he had to do something positive in his life, and he focused on sports as a positive outlet.

"Growing up in the inner city, it was all about survival and looking out for one another,” said Will.  “I saw the road that a lot of my friends were going down, and I chose to take a different path.  I wanted to make something of myself.  Make my family proud.  Tennis, and later golf, were the outlets that allowed me to do that.”

Will excelled in competitive tennis during his teenage years.  Golf was merely in the background until his senior year, when he started playing regularly and consistently beat more advanced players, all the while playing with a unique cross-handed grip.

“My father taught me how to swing the golf club and I chose to keep the cross-handed grip because it felt natural, said Will. “It was a result of all of my years playing tennis.  I guess you can say that I’m playing golf by hitting backhand shots.”

After high school, Lowery focused full-time on golf.  He also discovered a new passion, the desire to give back to others.  Under the tutelage of chapter director, Vince King, he volunteers at The First Tee of Charlotte – teaching life lessons and core values on and off the golf course to youth of similar backgrounds.

“The First Tee has been such a rewarding experience for me,” said Will.  “When I hear these kids say they want to be successful in life, it drives me to be the example they seek.

Will believes he has what it takes to compete on the PGA TOUR.  The opportunities, he says, just have not presented themselves.  That all could change on Big Break Indian Wells.

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