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Cleveland Wedges Soar Rounds Played Drops

The latest:
CLEVELAND ROCKS: Business has been good, says club maker Cleveland Golf. The company quotes market research figures from market measurer Golf Datatech to trumpet an extension of its long-time dominance in wedges ' a unit share of 34 percent for May and June, up from 28 percent for the comparable period in 2000. That current unit share works out to 37.5 percent of the dollar share in wedge sales, up from 30.5 percent in 2000, Cleveland says. The company also says it is number four in iron sales now with 6 percent of the market.
ROUND ANDNOT ROUND: Last week we told you the rounds played numbers for January through May were sluggish. Turns out the news for June is not much better. According to a joint report from Golf Datatech and the National Golf Course Owners Association, the year-to-date numbers are still trending downward in 14 of the 15 regions measured. Only California was up, and just one-tenth of one percent.
Numbers for June alone show a little more life, depending on geography. The West South Central region (Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma) was up more than 10 percent. Texas was up 1.7 percent; its measured by itself and then in the West South Central. With Texas, that region was still up 5.3 percent.
Big loser region: South Atlantic minus Florida, down 4.4 percent. Add Florida, which itself was down 2.5 percent, and the damage ends at a 3.8 percent drop.
North of the Border Department: Ontario was up 13.3 percent for June, 10.4 percent year-to-date.
Here are the regions measured for the report: New England (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut), Middle Atlantic (New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey), South Atlantic, with and without Florida (Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, District of Columbia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida), Florida alone, East North Central (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin), East South Central (Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky), West South Central, with and without Texas (Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas), Texas alone, West North Central (Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas), Mountain (Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Idaho), Pacific, with and without California (Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii, California) and California alone.