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I Say Its That Woods Chap

I SAY, IT'S THAT WOODS CHAP: That, among other things, may be the reaction Nov. 13 when Tiger Woods gives an exhibition in London's Hyde Park. The Evening Standard, a popular London newspaper, is co-sponsoring the show, where Woods will give a clinic and play a specially built, 177-yard golf hole. The hole will have bunkers, a water hazard, and a regulation green.
This will be Tiger's first golfing appearance in the British capital. From what we've heard about English weather in November, he better pack the rain gear.
YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST: Speaking of that Woods chap, Nike has indeed decided to name one of the new buildings on its Beaverton, Ore. campus after its favorite golfer, just as we predicted in a recent Business Edge. The company's new 880-seat, theater-style meeting facility will be called the Tiger Woods Conference Center. Woods joins Mia Hamm, Jerry Rice, John McEnroe and others in the Nike building name pantheon.
JACK KNOWS WHAT TIME IT IS: You'd think this relationship would have been sewn up decades ago. Jack Nicklaus signed an endorsement deal with Rolex, whose watches he's been wearing as long as he could afford them, which is a long time. But he's only been endorsing them since 1995. The latest arrangement is described as 'multiyear,' and will feature Nicklaus in TV and print advertising.
AND CALLAWAY MAKES PUTTERS, TOO: Odyssey Golf, which as you'll recall is now a division of Callaway Golf, is introducing its new TriHot putters in January. The new sticks will combine the golf-ball-cover material face made popular in Odyssey's White Hot line with the tungsten weighting system used in the old Odyssey TriForce putters.
And an expensive combination it will be. Suggested retail for the new putters is $315 each. For less adventurous wallets, three new models will be added to the White Hot line, each costing $150 suggested retail.