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Japans Ball Industry Adds to Competition

Hi, and welcome to the Whats In The Bag? Caf. Im Adam, and Ill be your server today. We have some specials that arent on your shopping list today, and they all come in dozen boxes.
Walking through a golf pro shop or specialty store and looking at all the golf balls does sort of feel like looking at a menu with an overwhelming number of choices. Golf ball technologies, and each manufacturers efforts to distinguish itself in the market, have led to the benefits ' and burdens ' of choice.
Science has also led to better chances at optimization, the magical matching of ball and club (usually driver) to help you play your best. The WITB crew fully acknowledges the prowess and expertise of U.S.-based ball makers. But to broaden our horizons a bit, we traveled to Japan to learn about the latest in that countrys highly competitive ball industry. We share what we learned in this years WITB on golf balls, which premieres Monday, February 23 at 10:50 p.m. ET. Heres a look at what will be on the menu.
Put This On Your Mantle
Whats the purpose of that intermediate mantle layer in three-piece balls? You might be surprised where, and how, it helps. But make no mistake; its not a gimmick or a sales tool. Real science supports its use.
Its a Wing
Sure, a golf ball is kind ofwell, lumpy compared to the wing of a supersonic airplane. But people who have designed the latter are now working on the former. We have a look at dimples, tubular lattice networks, and all manner of inventions designed to work in the world of lift, drag, turbulence and tee balls.
Hey, That Was My Idea
Patents are at the center of the golf ball industrys competitive battles. How do major companies manage to innovate while making their way through the intellectual property maze?
Customizing, Not Randomizing
We have a look at the best balls for your particular game, with an eye on the latest offerings for 2004.
Theres much more, including a look at an ancient Japanese tradition ' and at modern Japan, from its state-of-the-art manufacturing plants to the amazing Shinkansen, better known as the Bullet Train. And I get to play golf with one of Japans legendary caddies.
See you there Monday night. Youre next on the tee.
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