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Learning From The Big Stick Brigade

Brian Pavlet, a star of Long Drive Association competitions, isnt exactly what youd call a moose of a guy. Big, sure ' but more in a lithe, hockey-player-you-wouldnt-want-to-cross kind of way. Still, this lanky dude can launch the golf ball more than 360 yards whenever he likes, flash an aw-shucks smile, and do it again. What hes got isnt a secret, but rather the right combination of the ingredients that make a golf ball fly coast to coast.
For this weeks Whats In The Bag?, we use Brians day as a platform for showing you that you, too, can hit on the right combination, even if you dont swing a 7-degree driver with a 6X shaft (you think Im kidding about the shaft ' you aint seen nothin yet).
Herewith, a quick review of the recipe:
The workout youll see Brian doing is, well, fierce. He competes at the top level, so it has to be. But dont let that scare you away from finding a physical regimen that helps your driving, but is tailored to your skill level. Even if its just stretching, itll help.
The weapon itself
There are lots of new drivers for 2004, and the designers have been working overtime to move weight to where you need it in the clubhead. That means that even metalwoods may not be metal anymore. Check into the new mixed material models.
Walk softly, but fit the big stick
Shaft fitting, a subject of a later show this season, applies double to drivers. Well have a look at how precise measurement, backed up by trial and error, can fine tune the engine of your favorite club.
Da rules
Now that maximum driver length and head sizes have been set, are there enough cubic centimeters out there to make a driver heed your commands? The answer may surprise you.
Bionic man
Well have a story about another guy named Austin who clocked the world record drive in competition ' and youll want to hear what he says about the relationships between your driver, your swing, fluidity and strength.
Thanks for watching. Youre next on the tee.
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