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A little sarcasm from the fans

DUBLIN, Ohio – If Tiger Woods is a changed man, you wouldn't know it by his behavior after his third round.

After emerging from the scoring hut, PGA Tour official Doug Milne asked Woods to do an interview with network television, followed by the general media.

Woods refused both. Instead, he slowly walked up the stairs to the bridge that crosses the gallery area and disappeared in the direction of the clubhouse, without signing a single autograph.

'Thanks Tiger,' several fans yelled out with more than a hint of sarcasm in their voices.

Say what you will about Phil Mickelson, but it's difficult to envisage Lefty doing that.

It's not as though Woods had a bad day. He shot 3-under 69, although perhaps he thought it was bad because it was seven shots more than Ricky Barnes, with whom he played.