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Saying Goodbye

Big Break: MesquiteLike the old Boyz 2 Men song 'Its So Hard to Say Goodbye;' Im saying good-bye. I hope the viewers liked what I could give them. I hope you all feel the same way I do -- upset; disappointed and more than anything, cheated. The twist the GOLF CHANNEL put in the show I felt was unfair, for a few reasons.
1) At the beginning of the show they told us that the points that we earned in the challenges were going to be carried over and if we earned enough points everyday that we would never have to go through the elimination challenge.
2) As you can see in the earlier shows, I really didnt get along with anyone, especially for team competition. Golf is a individual sport, unless its a team event and Big Break is based on individual challenges not teams.
3) I had developed a strategy, it was working, and I felt I was doing everything right. For example, imagine leading after two rounds of a tournament and they said OK for Saturday and Sunday we are going to start over.
But enough about that; I do want to apologize for the way I acted. I should have never thrown my clubs; and for those young viewers watching, that is an improper way to act. I let my emotions get the best of me and I was wrong. Im sorry.
You see, I just got married and had a 5-month-old baby at the time. I gave up two weeks of tournament golf, and I was coming off a second-place finish two-weeks prior to the Big Break. I was playing well. We didnt get paid to be there. I wanted to win; thats part of the reason I was so emotional. This is my livelyhood; I was looking for my big break.
Yes, I could go on and talk about the other players on the show, but I wont. As you can see they didnt have a problem talking about me. But Ive been doing this way too long, and the experience has made me stronger. I know you cant make everybody happy, and I really dont care what they say about me. Until theyve been where I have, they need to just shut the (expletive) up.
Guys, its REALITY TV. Enjoy the show. Yes, Im going to miss the challenge competitions, and more than anything the comments from those guys.
All in all, Big Break was good exposure. Come and see me if Im in your hometown, I would love to tell you more.
Anthony Rodriquez
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