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Daly Files to Have Ex-Fiancees Suit Dismissed

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Arguing that he's no longer an Arkansas resident, John Daly hopes to have a libel suit filed by a former fiancee dismissed from a federal court in Little Rock.
Shanae Chandler is suing her former fiance because of comments Daly made in 2001 to Sports Illustrated columnist Rick Reilly, who includes the quotes in his 2003 book 'Who's Your Caddy?'
In the book, Daly uses expletives when referring to Chandler. He is quoted as saying, 'I had a buddy of mine from the FBI tailin' her for three weeks,' adding that she 'was cheatin on me! She was lyin' to me! And I've got proof!'
Daly filed a motion to dismiss the libel suit, saying that Arkansas courts don't have jurisdiction in the case because Daly is a resident of Tennessee. Chandler filed the suit April 21 in U.S. District Court of Eastern Arkansas. Daly's former fiancee is seeking damages for mental anguish and humiliation as a result of the 'defamatory remarks and false accusations' leveled by Daly in the book.
In a court filing, Daly said, 'I have never lived in Arkansas during the past 16 years ... I do not visit Arkansas frequently, routinely, or systematically. Less than 5 percent of my time is spent in Arkansas.'
Daly, former winner of the British Open and PGA Championship, said he lives and votes in Tennessee. He is a native of Dardanelle, Ark., where he recently purchased a golf course and renamed it Lion's Den Golf Club.
Daly's attorney, Bunny Bullock, declined to comment Monday, as did Chandler's attorney, Gil Rogers.
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